12 oz. Decaf Subscription

12 oz. Decaf Subscription

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Our decaf coffee comes from Colombia. We do not use coffee that has been processed with chemicals, but instead prefer to use the sugarcane processed decaffeination process also called Ethyl Acetate, which is an organic compound found in sugarcane. We use this process currently because it maintains the integrity of the coffee while accentuating the sweetness because of the sugar cane processing.

Out of town? Changing addresses? Exploring the world for a few weeks? No worries, Manage your subscription! Just click the human shaped icon at the top right of the page and log in. One you are logged in look on the left side of the page and click "Manage Subscription." This is where you can alter your subscriptions to fit your needs perfectly. You can modify your order frequency, amount of coffee, or simply cancel/postpone an order if you aren't going to need it for a while.

All subscriptions ship FREE on Wednesday.  

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