This is our little family who owns Five & Hoek coffee. Welcome to our community and welcome to the family!

This is our little family and we are the owners behind Five & Hoek Coffee Co. It's a family owned and operated business and we're raising our two cute children in a coffee shop, Judah & Erinn.

For seven years we have been growing in our coffee knowledge, experience, and growing as a family too! Judah and Erinn love visiting the coffee shop often and if you ask Judah, He'll tell you all we do is make delicious coffee & muffins (He's not not wrong!)

What We Do

We roast coffee that is ethically sourced, carefully tested and curated by our QC team, and served with love. We do this by bringing in multiple coffee samples, often organic, at a time, tasting through them with our QC team before selecting which coffees you will enjoy most!

We partner with importers & farmers directly who care most about quality coffee, organic coffee, and caring for the farmers involved in growing & processing the coffee, and assuring that the coffee is sourced responsibly.

We roast our coffee to highlight where the coffee came from (Terroir), aiming ultimately for sweetness and balance, not to highlight roasting characteristics like smoke, char, or burnt flavors. Please reach out at if you have any questions about our current coffee offerings.

Five & Hoek Coffee. We serve organic and sustainably sourced coffee beans in our cafe in Wheaton.

Why We Do It!

Since we started this company in 2010 we have always been about 3 things: Coffee, relationships, and community. We have always focused on doing our best to bring people into the fold of Five & Hoek who love coffee, and love people.

We exist to partner with producers growing amazing coffee, and sharing that beautiful product with you! If we weren't able to share what we love with you, then we would not be doing this! We are excited to have you alongside us in this journey of coffee, relationships, and community.

What We're Drinking at Home

Organic Decaf Coffee. Brighter Days Decaf.

Brighter Days Organic

In a world filled with uncertainty or a daily struggle to find energy to thrive, we hope for brighter days ahead. With our new vibrant organic decaf offering, this coffee will instantly boost your day through its complexity, cleanliness, and berry forward notes in the cup.

Ethiopia SW Decaf

This is an excellent choice for the adventurous decaf drinker. In the cup expect vibrancy throughout along with florals and peach rings. Brighter Days is currently an organic Swiss water Ethiopia offering.

Chemical Free Decaf!

Swiss Water is a company who selects micro lots of coffee that taste amazing. They put it through a natural decaffenation process that maintains the delicious flavors in the coffee. The Swiss Water process essentially soaks the coffee in a Green Coffee Solvent bringing out the caffeine while maintaining its flavor profile. 

Take Home Brighter Days (Organic)