Our Story

We all have our own unique story. Our passions, responsibilities, priorities, and interests are all shaped by our experiences. At Five & Hoek we believe that everyone has a unique story to tell. Our story is ongoing, multifaceted and ever-changing in whatever way life's journey takes us.
Our journey started in Assam, India in 2008 and here we are now just outside of Chicago still driven by the passions birthed almost 8,000 miles away. We spent time running around to different tea garden villages building community through tea & biscuits, riding around town in auto rickshaws & ultimately falling in love with the laid back culture we experienced in these tea gardens. We had a simple desire. Bring this experience to you through the avenue of fresh roasted coffee.
Our desire is that you join us in this journey that started in 2008. We are excited that you are here and hope you enjoy our community & our coffee. To learn more about our coffee click the tab above to learn more about our passion & pursuit of seriously delicious coffee.

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