Event coming up that needs coffee or espresso? Reach out to us through our contact form or email tricia@fiveandhoek.com. Corporate or private events, it's always a party.




"I had the privilege of working with Five & Hoek at “Vertical Con,” a conference where hundreds of twenty-somethings gather to ring in the new year at Harvest Bible Chapel’s downtown Cathedral campus. Five & Hoek was reliable. They found creative ways to meet our needs, helping us remain within budget AND provide a world class experience for our attendees. I love their vibe—the staff consistently impress, and their coffee never disappoints. Yes—their coffee is always spectacular!"

Lauren, Harvest Bible Chapel



“For our event, we wanted to go above and beyond for our guests by adding something special to their experience. Instead of simply offering coffee, we invited Five & Hoek into our store for a sense of warmth, community, & connectedness. Everyone was able to shop, mingle, & enjoy a cup of their favorite coffee - Tyler and Nathaniel created beautiful beverages: coffee, lattes, hot chocolates, & more, right there in the store. We couldn’t be more pleased with how the morning turned out - we look forward to planning our next event with Five & Hoek!” 

-Kate, Lululemon Oakbrook



"First Trust Portfolios has welcomed the opportunity to host Five & Hoek in our building multiple times. Their staff has always been pleasant, accommodating, conscientious and reliable, such a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to hosting them in the future. Our employees are fans, and the aroma of fresh coffee in our space is an unexpected bonus. We highly recommend them!"

-Terri, First Trust Portfolios