Honduras Jose Blas Catracha : Relationship Reserve

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This is our fourth year carrying coffee produced by Jose Blas from Santa Elena, Honduras, the home of Catracha Coffee. Catracha exists to empower coffee producers and their families in Santa Elena. Mayra Powell runs this amazing organization and introduced us to Blas when our owner Tyler visited in January 2018.

About producing coffee Blas said, “I like farming coffee. I like being outside, I love working with my family and that I am able to export my coffee internationally and it inspires me to produce high quality coffee."

We are incredibly excited to once again introduce Blas coffee to you. This year it is part of our Relationship Reserve series. Expect notes of crisp apple, sweet caramel, and a tang like finish. This coffee has incredible balance and shines on espresso or filter.

Producer: Jose Blas
Origin: Santa Elena, Honduras
Varietal: Catuai
Altitude: 1400-2200M

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