12 oz. Nicaragua Mierisch Family Anaerobic Decaf

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Welcome to the wonderful world of experimental processing, although this time it's with a decaf coffee, which is extremely rare, and we only have 30 bags for sale! Get ready for an after dinner dessert full of blackberry, vanilla wafer, and pear flavors that result in an extremely sweet cup of coffee!

This gorgeous offering, produced by Steve Mierisch, is processed anaerobically by being put into sealed tanks for 48 hours. Steve takes the process one step further by chilling the room that the tanks are stored in, which slows down the fermentation. After, cherries are then sun dried before being sent to Swiss Water for chemically free decaffeination.

This careful and meticulously handled process results in an insanely sweet and juicy decaf offering we are proud to have a limited amount of. In the cup we are tasting blackberry, pear, apple, and a sweet vanilla wafers. We love to bring you amazing coffee and are just as proud to bring a caffeine free coffee of this caliber.