Sumatra Gayo Arisarina

Sumatra Gayo Arisarina

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This organic offering comes to us from the Gayo province of Sumatra. The coffee plantation is managed by the farmers themselves. The care shines through in this vibrant offering. We had to buy this coffee the moment we tasted it alongside 10 other coffees from around the world. Gayo Arisarina is not your typical earthy tasting Sumatran.

In the cup expect a shining example of why we carried this Sumatra for the first time in 5 years. tart dried cherry shines through, as honey, almond, and  great sweetness balances out the cup. We are enjoying this on filter.

Producer(s): 2500 farmers of Arisarina Cooperative
Origin: Gayo, Sumatra
Varietal: Catimor, Timor

Altitude: 1700M

Process: Honey

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