Ermera Letefoho - Timor-Leste

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This coffee jumped out on the cupping table the moment we tried it. When we tasted it our first word was, "buttery." Along with buttery, there are some fantastic caramelized sugar notes along with marshmallow and a savory acidity reminiscent of a dried cherry & cherry tomatoes. This coffee is from Timor-Leste which is just east of Papua New Guinea, produced by small farmers around the Ermera region of Letefoho, Timor Leste.

We highly recommend this coffee on both espresso & filter. 

Producer: Cafe Brisa Serena
Origin: Ermera, Letefoho, Timor-Leste
Varietal: Typica, Timor Hybrid

Altitude: 1650M

Process: Washed