Main Street Cafe Expansion Summer 2019

The time has come again for Five & Hoek to expand its reach, this time right next door to our current cafe at 114 N Main. We have been a coffee roasting company since 2010 when we had a farmers market stand & cafe in Yorkville, IL. From there we expanded to Wheaton in 2013 and closed our Yorkville store in early 2014. Now we have the opportunity to expand in a new kind of way, a really exciting and tasty kind of way.



1. Roasting Classes. Coffee roasting is what we do, and community is why we do it. Our goal with the new roastery is for it to be just as much of a community space as our cafe. We will offer roasting classes led by me, Tyler, as I head up all of our roasting and Quality Control aspects of the business, and I seriously can't wait to share a bit about roasting and our approach to roasting coffee with you.

2. Public Cuppings. Cuppings are coffee tastings, similar to that of a wine tasting. We perform coffee cuppings weekly to ensure our roasting is consistent and the coffee is still tasting great and isn't experiencing any unpleasant affects of age, roast, or inherent defects in the coffee. We want to open our weekly cuppings to the public and offer private tastings as well, which will dive a bit more into coffee tasting than our general public cupping. To schedule a private cupping you can email us at for your group/business/organization.

3. Private Training. Private training is your chance to become a roaster, barista, or all around coffee aficionado. We offer private classes like how to properly extract espresso, how to properly steam milk, how to properly brew coffee, etc. Want to expand your knowledge of coffee or have a fun unique date experience, then this might be the experience you are looking for. To schedule a private training you can email us at



Additional Seating / Food 



1. Double the Space. The new space adds double the amount of square footage we already have. It features a bench seat along exposed brick and beautiful stained glass windows, new chairs for BOTH the current cafe and the new community focused side, and will feature some soft seating in the front window. Our goal for the space is that the new side would be a side that is filled with conversation, coffee, food, and building community with those that matter most to you. Our current cafe will remain an amazing place to come meet with others or plug in that laptop and hammer out some work that's long overdue.

2. Biscuits & Hash. The biggest news inside this new expansion is we are now going to offer a full breakfast/brunch menu from 6am-3pm. Our focus, and expertise is in food that pairs perfectly with coffee. We will have 4-5 southern style biscuit focused entrees (one being Erich's biscuits & gravy recipe passed down multiple generations), hashes & seasonal hashes (think al pastor street style hash), and other options like sandwiches, quinoa bowls and rotating specials. We have hired culinary professionals from the area that cannot wait to share their creations with you and give you an amazing food experience in our cafe.

 2. Bakery. In a lot of places in the world, coffee & tea are often paired with biscuits/cookies/biscotti & savory items as well. In America we all know coffee pairs perfectly with a warm cinnamon roll, a F&H favorite Protein Bomb, or a fresh baked scone. We have offered pastries since we opened and were never really driven by a passion for baking, more-so out of necessity. Now we are hiring an experienced Baker who is passionate about baking just as much as we are passionate about coffee & food. You deserve the best, and now we have the capacity, space, and the people in all the right places to provide the very best with our fan favorite bakery options and new, exciting bakery options.

Wheaton, Thank you for your support since 2013. We know we have failed & succeeded in many ways and have learned from all of those experiences along the way. We always have the community at mind when making decisions, and we feel 100% confident in this one. Get excited, all we are waiting on now is the city to approve what we have ready for you. Look for the expanded space, new menu, and greater experience starting sometime in June (fingers crossed) 2019.



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