Five & Hoek Fall Menu




Bourbon Spice Latte : A classic since our early days as River City Roasters. This drink has become a fall staple after the natives created an uproar when we did not initially bring the drink back for our 2017 menu, lesson learned! the drink will be available every fall until the end of time. Bourbon & fall spice infused caramel, espresso, milk.


Butter Rum Latte : A new latte with our same love and addiction to caramel. For this offering we cook rum and cider into the caramel, giving it a perfect combination of rich butteriness, malic acid from the apples, then balanced out by espresso & milk.


Bananas Foster Affogato : All hail Kimmers ice cream! This time we use their banana ice cream, accompanied with caramelized mini bananas, espresso, garnished with our butter rum caramel available to stay at the cafe only.


Cold Brew White Russian : Our Cold Brew White Russian is our approach to something that encapsulates fall all while holding on to the last glimpses of summer. A glass of cold brew, shaken & chilled cream, topped of with toasted coconut as a garnish. All you have to do is take a picture, stir, and enjoy.


*Fall menu available until mid November.*

Written by Tyler Fivecoat
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